Programs at Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista and Salida

The CMC Centers in Buena Vista and Salida provide Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, the first two years of a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, Science, Business and Accounting, as well as many occupational certificates, computer and community-oriented special interest courses. Online courses are also available.

Timberline Campus at Buena Vista and Salida offer the following degrees and certificate

Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista Providing Education to Chaffee County

From literature to computerized accounting, yoga or customized business training — Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista brings learning close to your home

The Forster Academic Center is the hub for Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista. Located in Chaffee County, Buena Vista is between Leadville and Salida, at the base of the 14,000-foot Collegiate Peaks mountain range.

Colorado Mountain College – Buena Vista serves the educational needs of residents of:

  • Buena Vista
  • Poncha Springs
  • Salida
  • and surrounding communities

Only a few hours away from most of Colorado's metropolitan areas, the Chaffee County area provides access to wilderness experiences in the national forest, whitewater rafting in the Arkansas River, breathtaking high-altitude scenery and an abundance of educational programs at the Colorado Mountain College – Buena Vista.

Courses at the Colorado Mountain College campus in Buena Vista are available for students of all ages and include:

  • Two-year degree programs
  • Courses that transfer to four-year universities
  • Certificates of proficiency
  • Personal enrichment
  • Occupational upgrade offerings

Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista also offers an extensive selection of lifelong learning courses through a partnership with Ed2Go.


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Getting Started at Colorado Mountain College

Start here, go anywhere! The CMC Admissions staff is ready to help

Getting started in college is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. At CMC there are people here to help you navigate the process of applying and enrolling.

Whether you are scheduling a visit to a campus, applying for admission, or seeking answers to questions these web pages will help you get started.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree or certificate, or in just taking a few credit courses, submitting the admission application is the first step.

See the Colorado Mountain College Guidebook (online flipbook)

Thanks to the financial support of our mountain communities, Colorado Mountain College offers a quality education at a price you can afford. Our tuition is one of the lowest in Colorado, and is lower than in-state tuition in many other states. Don't go deep into debt. Find your affordable education here!

Residency and Tuition Classifications at CMC

How to determine whether you are a resident in the CMC District

Colorado Tuition Classification Law

Tuition classification is governed by state law (Colorado Revised Statutes 23-7-101, et seq., 1997). That applies to all public institutions of higher education in Colorado. Colorado Mountain College does not have discretion to make exceptions to the rules as defined by state law. Colorado Mountain College rigorously enforces tuition classification, as mandated by State statute. Each CMC campus has a tuition classification officer that can assist you answering your questions.

How Is Tuition Classification Determined

The information you provide on your admission application tells us if you are a resident or non-resident of Colorado for tuition purposes. To be a resident, you must have lived in Colorado for 365 consecutive days prior to the first day of classes for the term in which you wish to enroll, and you must show that you intend to make Colorado a permanent home. If you are under the age of 23, your parent's or legal guardian's information on the application determines your residency classification. Students under the age of 23 who are independent must complete an emancipation document to have their own address information used for classification.

For more information, visit the State of Colorado website or contact a tuition classification officer at a local Colorado Mountain College campus or site.

Colorado Mountain College In-district

A person who has lived in Colorado for at least one year, has met all State tuition classification requirements, and has lived in the CMC District for at least 32 days may qualify for the “in-district” tuition rate. See our district service area map .

A student who has been classified as in-state Colorado resident for tuition purposes and who owns a residence (i.e., a second home) in the six-county CMC District, shall be classified as in-district for tuition purposes. This student's spouse and dependents are also eligible.

Continuing Opportunity Tuition Rate

Students who have continuously resided in the CMC service area for at least 24 months and have successfully completed the English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum or a General Education Diploma (GED) at CMC, as attested by CMC staff, will be charged the current in-state tuition rate for the courses in which they enroll as a degree seeking student. Qualifying students must be 23 years of age or older and must not be a resident or have domicile in a region outside of the CMC service area.

Second Home Owner Tuition Rate

Students who are classified as non-residents (live outside of Colorado) but own a residence in the six-county CMC District are allowed to enroll in a series or combination of one-credit or two-credit courses, up to three credits total, or they may enroll in one four-credit or one five-credit course at the in-state tuition rate .

If a student enrolls in more than the aforementioned credits, all credits, including the modified credits, will be charged at the out-of-state tuition rate. This tuition reduction is limited to 100- and 200-level courses and cannot be used for online courses exclusively.

District Employer Sponsored Rate

This tuition rate of $139.00 per credit hour is offered to tax-paying businesses within the CMC District that are paying for their employees' credit courses. It applies to those employees who are classified with out-of-state residency per Colorado statute. This tuition reduction is limited to 100- and 200-level courses and cannot be used for online courses exclusively.

Colorado Mountain College Service Area Classification

The Service Area Classification provides reduced tuition rates for those living outside the CMC district but within the region served by CMC. This area includes Chaffee, Grand and Jackson counties.

Our service area does not include the southern part of Routt County which is part of the Colorado Northwestern Community College's service area.

To qualify for CMC's service area status for tuition purposes, you must:

  • Be a Colorado state resident
  • Be domiciled in the three-county (Chaffee, Grand and Jackson) Colorado Mountain College service area for a minimum period of 32 days prior to the first day of the semester
  • If you are under the age of 23, you must prove emancipation from your parents or legal guardian if they reside out of the service or in-district area.
  • If you attend CMC as an out-of-state student and gain in-state status while residing in the service area, you may earn service area status at the time of your in-state classification.



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